Thursday, 29 April 2010

Goal weight - Way Hay

Just thought I would say I am now at goal weight of 13 stone 7 lbs and have never felt better
Doing loads of cycling as always plus now starting to mix my training round to tone up
Have always just done cardio to try and lose weight
Now the weight has gone can do other stuff which is fun
Started doing some rowing at gym this week and doing light weights twice a week to tone up, plus abs twice a week
Having started buying new clothes now my weight is consistant and love the way they feel
Unbelievebly I no longer like loose fitting clothes as they now feel baggy and prefer tighter fitting clothes - Never thought that would happen

In summary the band has helped me get where I am today and I have 100% worked with it not against it

I would again like to thank everyone at WLS - ( Especially Wendy for finding my Sweet Spot ) You guys Rock !
I have recommended you to loads of people and will continue to do so
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Monday, 12 April 2010

1 Year on - And WOW


Just wanted to give a 1 year update
Now down to 13 st 10 which is lightest ive been since 16 which was 30 years ago
Did Lakeland sportif yesterday 70 miles in the hills - 5500 calories - 22oo metres of ascent climbing and cleared Whinlater, Hardknott and Wynrose on my road bike Hardnott is the steepest road in the UK and cars struggle to get up the 33 degree gradient ( Look it up on YouTube it will blow your mind ) - Thank You Wendy and all at WLS couldnt have done it without you
Last saw the lovely Wendy in Jan and think she found my Sweet Spot - Thanks Honey

Never been happier

Cheers James

PS - Its not all bed of roses - When I did the sportif ride this weekend I met my mate and his wife in Ambleside on sat afternoon prior to ride on sun and he said he had booked a table at local resteraunt - I said I dont do resteraunts and he said well just come and have a small portion - I declined and instead treated myself to a lightly battered fish from fish n chip shop - Which I ate slowly and it was so lovely - No chips, scraps, breadcake, or can of dandelion and burdock from the old days and also stayed off the booze and went to pictures instead

When I got back to b&b I thought to myself ive enjoyed my night
It would have been nice to have had one night off for a blow out but then I remembered the many times I had lost weight from doing every fad diet under the sun once the weight came off the motivation came down and then one night off turned into 3 months off and so the cycle started again

No I was better than that I am happy with the way I am - Pot of tea and bit of tv and off to bed - Good lad - Seemed slightly tough call at the time but the following day when I stood at the top of the lake districts steepest hill ( and Englands ) having conquered it on my road bike when most people were walking up it I thought to myself

Yes all the sacrifice has been a small price to pay for this sweet moment of success -

I say it again - Thank you - Wendy, Steve, Colleen, Michelle, the surgeon sorry i've forgotten his name from Preston but he gets a mention anyway plus the lovely nurses and all at WLS you really have Changed My Life - For the Better
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Monday, 19 October 2009

7 Month update


Went for 7 month check up with the lovely Wendy and was expecting a small band fill as weight has plateaued and not getting as much restriction. Have put on 1.8lbs over the last 2 months and was rather surprised at the results of my weigh in

Weight gone up by 1.8lbs however I has lost 2 lbs in fat and put muscle on

My body fat % is now down to 13.1% from 33.4% in Jan - Healthy range is 12 to 22% so borderline on low and hence no band fill

Have to reiterate the point that this is the best thjing that ive ever done - I feel great and am enjoying increased performance on my road bike - To date this year I have done 3100 road miles and am doing the Cost to Coast Mountain bike challenge from Whitehaven to Sunderland at the end of October

Very pleased to report that WLS group have asked me to be their male guest speaker at a conference in Sheffield in Nov and London in April. Really pleased I chose WLS group for my procedure theyve been brilliant from day one
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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

14 Stone - At last

Great news - Just back from a Cycling weekend with the lads in Riccione Italy - Great times
Went on 3 rides of 82 , 30 and 90 miles duration
Day 3 was awesome with 35 mile hill climb from resort to peak in Tuscany. Roaming hills with beautifully maintained fields

Picture shows me at 7am before breakfast - Did struggle a bit with fuelling as while everyone had monster breakfast all I could manage was small portion of scrambled eggs. I took some baybybell cheeses and energy gels to keep me going but with 35 degree heat and sweating I did struggle a bit. The guys all had sarnies for lunch which I couldnt manage

Next holiday I go on am going to take microwave Porridge with me and more energy gels to keep me going

Wednesday, 19 August 2009


Went for Monthly review with the Lovely Wendy on Tuesday and she got some new 5 Grand scales that are amazing. They give loads of information and thats great so monthly you can track not only your weight but body composition of muscle density etc. As I do a lot of cycling I am very keen to ensure that I only lose body Fat and Not Muscle well Im delighted to state that the following

BMI - 28.8
Fat % - 13.9 - Within healthy range
Weight - 14st 5 lbs - Not bad after weeks all inclusive holiday
Muscle Mass - Above average for obverall weight
Metabolic Age - 30 - Not bad for 45 year old

Had small bandfill adjustment to take me to 6.25 ml

So glad I had this procedure dome and especially with WLS Group - Th ewhole experiance with them has been fantastic right from the first consultation. As stated before but will say it again this is no easy task and during my weeks holiday all inclusive there was a lot of temptation put in front of me but I thought
" Having paid 6 grand of my own money to have this done theres no way Im gonna start working against my band and forcing stuff down I know I shouldnt have "
I stuck to my resolve and the holiday was soon over and now back at home its easier as I avoid the temptation to make it easier

For anyone reading this who is thinking of having procedure or had surgery with another provider and feels alone and wants advise - Pick up the phone and speak to WLS Group
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Friday, 14 August 2009



Just got back today from Holiday in Turkey with kids it was great but I was a bit nervous as all inclusive
I stuck to healthy options of omlette or eggs scrambled or fried for breakers and fish with salad for lunch. Evening meal was similair with fish and veg
Stayed well clear off all breads, donuts, kebabks, toasties etc - Had treat of odd ice cream and sometimes bag of nuts mid afternoon. Managed to sink a few wines and no cycling so feel ive put about 4 lbs on but nothing too serious. Im doing a 100 mile sportive cycle ride from York on Sat and then go to Italy cycling for 4 days next weekend which should get me back on plan. Ive got my 4 monthly review with Wendy on Tue so may get just a small fill as feel restriction is not quite as keen as it was and whilst dont want to be overrestricted I have noticed portions sizes increasing. Ive only got 4ml in 10ml band so plenty of room for adjustment Im on my 2nd fill and hope that this next one may be my last. I hovering at about 14.5 stone which is nearly 5 stone off so would like to get down to 13st 10 lbs which would give me a buffer of 5 lbs and I want to stay there. Defo the ebst thing ive ever done - Its not easy as you cant take evan one day off as I found on hols but well worth the sacrifise as I know from previous experiance that my one day off could easily turn into several weeks before I got back on the programme


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